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“Sunny beach” wedding in Egypt

Dear newlyweds, we invite you to celebrate a wedding ceremony in Hurghada city and region, this is the ideal place for your romantic wedding. You will find in Egypt: the freshness of the surf, the gentle sun, the blue sky and the endless turquoise sea at your feet. Here is everything to create a unique atmosphere of romance and beautiful wedding photos.

We will pick up you from your hotel by the decorated car and we will take you to the place of wedding ceremony. You will walk on the soft and warm sand under the march of Mendelssohn to the ceremony master. You will bind the sea stars to eachother's arms, and they will become the symbol of your wedding. You will take them with you as a memories of your beautiful day. The "sunny beach" wedding ceremony will gives you a lot of positive emotions. Here you will be solemnly declared husband and wife. You will read oaths of love proving your sincere feelings, and you will exchange with wedding rings. Then you will fasten your marriage union by signing a wedding certificate, which you will take with you as a souvenir of your wedding in Egypt. In the continuation of the celebration you will open the cold champagne and pour it into wedding glasses. Under the romantic music you will rotate in a slow dance of love ... And you will pass through a beautiful sand ceremonywhich symbolizes the connection of two destinies into the one. The bottle with sand you will take with you as a memories. After the ceremony you will have a staged wedding photo session.

You will spend two hours on the beach.

Package price based on two (bride, groom):

Price start from $ 1150 depend on: location, decor, guests and extra servicies.

Possible locations:


On the beach of the reserve Sharm El Naga from $ 1150.

Extra charge for guests depends on their number. The surcharge include: transfe, chairs at the wedding with decor, soft drinks, entrance fee to the beach, etc. upon request.

The package includes:

  • Car with decorations (transfer hotel-beach-hotel).
  • Rental fee of the place on the beach.
  • Decor (arch, table for the ceremony, alley, attributes for the ceremony). Select arch.
  • Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere of chrysanthemums.
  • Champagne 1 bottle.
  • Cold soft drinks.
  • Music during the ceremony (audio).
  • Exchange of oaths.
  • Exchange of rings.
  • Certificate (not official).
  • The first dance of the newlyweds.
  • Sand ceremony.
  • Ceremony Starfish.
  • Master of Ceremonies.
  • Photo session of the ceremony and 1.5 hour staged photo shoot. You will receive from 200 photos in processing (standard color and light correction).

Decorations can be performed in any style and color.

The script of the ceremony can be change according to your wish.

The package price does not include flight and hotel accommodation.

Booking of wedding day must be done in advance. Organizing of weddings in 1-3 days plus extra 10% from the price.

You can also order extra services:

  • Makeup artist and hairdresser. Here.
  • Video clip of your wedding. Here.
  • Extra decorations from fresh flowers. Here.
  • Live music by a saxophonist.
  • Dinner on the yacht after the ceremony.
  • Making special accessories.
  • Wedding procession. Here.
  • Extra time of photo shoot. Here.

To order a wedding ceremony, write to us (see order service section)

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