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“Sea Romance” wedding in Egypt

Dear newlyweds, we offer you to plunge into the magical atmosphere - to spend a wedding in Egypt on a beautiful yacht! The turquoise tender sea, the gentle sand of Paradise Island, snow-white yacht and sea romance waiting for you ! The wedding ceremony in Egypt will turn into a fascinating tale for you, which you will remember forever. The yacht will be decorated with a large number of decor for your wedding, with in colors and style which you will choose!

We will pick up you from the hotel by decoreted car and will bring you to the sea pier. There you will find yourself on board of a beautiful yacht and you will go to the amazing Paradise Island. In the cabin of the yacht will be served festive table. You will be offered with snacks, salads, canapes and various of drinks. Then there will be a photo session on the yacht.

The wedding ceremony will begin on the second floor of the yacht, but before that, you will have, once again, to prove your love to each other, it will be a fun, in a playful and romantic form, for creating a great mood.

You will go to the decorated place of the ceremony on the yacht, under the march of Mendelssohn. First, you will bind the sea stars on eachother's arms as a symbols of the Red sea wedding. You will take they with you as a memory of your wedding in Egypt. You will be solemnly declared husband and wife. You will exchange wedding rings and swear in love and loyalty. Sea and heavenly forces will forever unite your destinies! You will sign a memorable document on a wedding in Egypt - wedding certificate with the seal of Neptune.

Next you will congratulate each other by cold champagne of decorated wineglasses. Now time for the first dance of love - a waltz - romantic music.After, you will have a beautiful sand ceremony, which will be a symbol of combining your two lifes into the one life! The bottle with sand will remain to you as a gift.

After the wedding ceremony on the yacht, you will have a photo session on Paradise Island. You will sign and send a paper boat to the kingdom of Neptune, who will surely bless your marriage.

Then you will return to the yacht to continue the wedding banquet. You will be served a variety of salads and hot dishes - side dishes, meat, fish, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For dessert - a sweet table: cake, gingerbread, cakes and various of fruits. You will be entertained by the Eastern incendiary dancer Bellydance, which you can join in order to learn oriental dances.

Attention! Terrible pirates can penetrate the yacht to steal the bride, so the groom will have to be on the alert!

You will spend total seven hours on the yacht and the island.

Package price is indicated for two persons (groom and bride):

Price from $ 2300.

Extra charge for guests depends on their number. The surcharge includes: transfer, a banquet on the yacht.  

The package includes:

  • Decorated car (transfer hotel-yacht-hotel).
  • Rent a yacht, as well as the team and the captain.
  • Decorations on the ship (decoration of the ship’s cabin and upper deck - fabric, artificial flowers, balloons, table for the ceremony, arch, attributes for the ceremony, etc.).
  • Master of Ceremonies.
  • Waiter.
  • Dancer Bellydance.
  • Pirates.
  • Festive banquet - breakfast, lunch, dessert. (Salads, cold appetizers, slices of meat and cheese, hot side dishes, fish, meat, soft drinks - carbonated and juices, hot drinks, fruits, alcoholic beverages - champagne, wine, whiskey, vodka (optional) - 1 bottle for 2 people , cake, gingerbread, cakes).
  • Music during the ceremony (audio).
  • Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere.
  • Exchange of oaths.
  • Exchange of rings.
  • The first dance of the newlyweds.
  • Certificate (not official).
  • Sand ceremony.
  • Ceremony Starfish.
  • Ceremony of Love Ship.
  • Photo session of the ceremony and 3 hours of photo shoot on the yacht and the island. You will receive from 350 photos in processing (standard color and light correction).


Decorations can be performed in any style and color.

The script of the ceremony can be change according to your wish.

The package price does not include flight and hotel accommodation.

Booking of wedding day must be done in advance. Organizing of weddings in 1-3 days plus extra 10% from the price.

Wedding is possible with a ceremony on the island.

Addition to the package: transportation and installation of the arch and other decorations on the island, entrance fee to the island ( for each person).

Price of package with ceremony on the island based on two (bride, groom):

Price from $ 2650.

Extra charge for guests depends on their number. The surcharge includes transfer, a banquet on the yacht, entrance fee to the island (paid for each person), chairs for the ceremony.

You can also order additional services, in accordance with your desires:

  • Makeup artist and hairdresser. Here.
  • Video clip of your wedding. Here.
  • Extra decorations from fresh flowers. Here.
  • Making special accessories.
  • Live music of a saxophonist.
  • Wedding procession. Here.
  • Extra time of photo shoot. Here.

To order a wedding ceremony, write to us (see the section Order Services)

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